September 24, 2011

Crayon Art

It's getting harder to hide the fact that I love rainbows.

I had seen versions of this project on a few blogs and knew instantly that I had to have one of my own. Here it is.. a Crayon masterpiece. 

I was hoping I could arrange the crayons in a way that represents the visible spectrum of light. This is the prettiest and most rational arrangement IMO. It's a little tricky though because the crayons are not arranged in the box this way.. and the color of the crayon wax itself is quite misleading. A dark colored wax does not necessarily produce a dark colored marking on paper. So I had to test all of them before deciding on the best arrangement. I also had to reject the colors that didnt fit into the spectrum (except a few pinks obviously)


Once the arrangement is established, the crayons are placed on the canvas to see how many can fit.

Then they must be glued in place. I decided to leave a space on either side of the crayon train to allow room for diagonal drips. I used a glue gun - I'm not sure if there are more suitable options out there or not. Glue gun glue doesn't seem to stick to canvas (or other smooth-ish things) very well and I suspect repairs may be in order some day.  

Then I put it in the oven, half a canvas at a time because the whole thing wouldnt fit. It's a tiny oven. I wasn't sure if it would work.. but it did! the crayons melted quickly, then I took the canvas out and held it upright so the melted wax would drip.

drip drip.

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