September 23, 2011

Internal Rainbow Cupcakes

These are Coconut Cupcakes made from a Martha Stewart recipe. They turned out delicious - I've made several of Martha's cupcakes and love them all. Part way through the recipe I realized it might be a good opportunity to test out rainbow cake effects for the first time. 

I used liquid food coloring (I've used it in the past because it's cheap but I've since moved on to the gel-type, it's the only way to go when you want concentrated colors without changing the consistency of your frosting/batter). Next I separated the batter into five bowls and colored them accordingly. It's easy to scoop the separate colors into the pan; the batter is thick enough that they stay separate. Last I sprinkled rainbow sugar confetti on them prior to baking. 

I can't say that I'm very happy with how they look from the top - next time I'll frost them instead (which would also benefit by keeping the rainbow a surprise until eating time)

Thanks to my friend Brian, the fantastic hand model, for this display

Nice huh! I guarantee this will not be the last time rainbow cake visits my kitchen.

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